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Hikvision 2-wire Video Intercom Range


The 2nd Generation Hikvision 2-wire IP Video Intercom is another example of Hikvision leading the race in feature enhancement and grabbing the technological edge when launching new products. Hikvision’s video intercom V2 devices are your best choice when you are installing a brand-new video intercom solution for a Home or Office. The 2-wire versions are especially helpful if you are upgrading an old wired system.

With Hikvision 2-wire IP Intercom, upgrading an old wired system is easy, quick and hassle-free since each device can run on a single wire connecting to the distribution box. The main difference between the standard IP range and the 2-wire is the main camera unit (DS-KD8003-IME2) and the tablet (DS-KH6320-WTE2), meaning you can use the other modules from the Video Intercom IP range. Additionally, When setting up the 2-wire solution, you would need a distribution box (DS-KAD706) for video and power distribution. 

Simple, Convenient and Cost-Effective

By using the Hikvision Video Intercom 2-wire versions, you are not required to layout a completely new networking infrastructure just to make the intercom work. This can simply be achieved by using a pair of wires from your previously installed old intercom. This brings a huge saving to your installation cost because you are re-using the existing wiring. 

Easy Control & Applications

By connecting your indoor unit with your home or workplace internet router, you can now view and control the intercom on your mobile application and check the live view of your camera feed at any time.

The Hikvision 2-wire IP Intercom gives you easy control with the use of its various, easy-to-use applications. For example, you can receive a call or unlock the door with the convenience of your mobile phone. Also, the alarms are pushed to your application for ease of access. 

Feature-rich and User-friendly Tablet Experience

The 2nd generation 2-wire Indoor Station ( DS-KH8340-TCE2 ) is a Pro Series 7 Inch Touchscreen with a resolution of 1280 x 600 and a 32GB SD Card to support the memory requirement of the Auto Capturing Pictures. The tablet has a very User-Friendly design and also supports 11 different languages. The tablet can be connected to the intercom with 2-wire and your internet over WiFi.

Excellent Image Quality with Higher Resolution Camera

The 2nd Generation Hikvision 2-wire Video Intercom range now comes equipped with a 2 Megapixel Fisheye camera that gives you excellent Image Quality, WDR and Night Vision for clearer, sharper and better image view.

You can view the Hikvision 2-wire range by clicking here. If you would like to download the full spec and layout sheet for the 2nd generation Video Intercom range. Simply enter your name and email below for instant access. 

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