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LGWP12HC Wireless PIR Detector

The LGWP12HC is a Wireless Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Detectors for CCTV activation. The Lens Pattern is horizontal are just flat fan-shaped patterns without the intermediate zones. These are used to look along fence lines or down the sides of buildings. If the horizontal version is set to look straight ahead, animals will be able to wander underneath the detection zone without causing nuisance alarms.

The LGWP12HC has excellent wireless communication capabilities. The LGWP4004 battery life is approx. 2 Years. This Wireless PIR Detector is extremely strong and hard-wearing, the enclosure is made from 3mm thick Polycarbonate and stainless steel locking bolts for added strength.

Product Description Wireless PIR Detector
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Handbook 11/07/2019 1.09MB download
LGWP12HC-Datasheet 11/07/2019 869.7KB download

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