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LGWT434 Walk Test Instrument

The Genesis Walk Test Instrument is for setting up and testing a wireless PIR system with an LCD screen and can detect the following; Tamper, Cloak, Shock and re-orientation.

The LGWT434 Walk Test Instrument also shows the ID number, Lens type, Pulse count setting, signal strength and battery condition. Each detection or tamper has an audible bleep.

The LGWT434 Walk Test Instrument will receive signals directly from the PIR detectors and also receives the signals via the Masthead. This Walk Test Instrument is a perfect tool when it comes to setting up and testing a wireless PIR system.

  • LCD Screen
  • Detects Tamper, Cloak, Shock and re-orientation
  • Audible bleep
  • Receiver Frequency 434.525Mhz
  • Transmission Frequency 434.525Mhz
  • Transmission Power 10m/w licence exempt
  • Aerial SMA helical
  • Operating Range Up to 1Km line of site
  • Site Codes 32
  • Unit Codes 64
  • Display 32 character LCD
  • Internal Battery NiMH 3.6 volt 2000mah
  • Charger Car lighter plug 12 volts DC
  • Charger Socket 2.5mm DC
  • Max Charge Voltage 12 volts DC
  • Temperature Range -10 deg C +60 deg C
  • IP rating IP44
  • ​Enclosure Charcoal grey durable plastic
Product Description Walk Test Instrument
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LGWT434-Datasheet (PDF) 11/07/2019 978.54KB download
LGWT434-Manual (PDF) 11/07/2019 228.96KB download

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