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LGHW3020 Hard Wired PIR Detector

The Genesis range of wired Passive Infra Red detectors and accessories have been designed to meet the latest and most demanding requirements of the CCTV industry.

These unique detectors have alarm and tamper relays that may be wired either directly to camera alarm pre-sets or back to an alarm matrix in the conventional way. Alternatively they can be connected to an RS485 BUS so that up to 64 alarms and 64 tampers can signal back to a control interface using four core cable. Additional information is provided such as pulse count setting and lens type etc.

Another advantage of using this system is that there are a growing number of accessories that can be connected to the bus such as the LGLC485 lighting control unit which enables flood lighting to be switched either directly by the PIRs or from a remote location such as a monitoring centre.

Wireless Genesis PIRs may be integrated into the system if required and the wireless walk test instrument can then test both wired and wireless detectors. Alternatively the LGMC434 Masthead may be temporarily connected to facilitate walk testing.



Product Description Hard Wired PIR Detector
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