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The LGIPMRU4x4 can receive from up to 64 wireless PIR detectors or other detection devices with Genesis transmitters. This provides either 4 alarm and 4 tamper outputs or eight alarm outputs without tampers. Expansion is possible with the LGREM4x4 module.

IP connectivity is by way of an RJ45 socket and facilitates plug and play alarm integrations to selected NVR and alarm products as well as remote monitoring platforms such as IMMIX.

Up to three email addresses can be configured to receive alerts such as 'low battery' and other tamper messages.

Remote control facilitates such as Arm/ Disarm as well as allocation of PIN numbers and names for the wireless key point are achievable over IP.

The LGIPMRU4x4 uses Boot Loader technology allowing remote FREE upgrading of firmware as new releases become available.

Product Description IP Masthead Receiever
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