How Does Remote CCTV monitoring work?

With the advent of broadband, remote CCTV monitoring started to gain a foothold in site protection. While the communications path was in place, the detection technology and services were not always fully up to speed, leaving systems and customers exposed.

Remote CCTV monitoring has come a long way in the last number of years, and with the right combination of detection, system controls and monitoring services it can provide a robust solution, providing end users complete peace of mind and generating strong recurring revenue for integrators.

Foundations of good CCTV monitoring

For remote CCTV monitoring to work, there are four key elements must be in place:

  • Detection – accurate detection is essential, with a good system providing less than four false activations per day.
  • Response – a rapid live audio intervention is imperative for good CCTV monitoring. Intruders need to know they have been detected, they are being monitored and that response is on the way; all of which must be done as soon as they step foot on the premises.
  • Control – if the end user cannot control, or know the status of their site, the site is vulnerable to false activations and non-arming/disarming of the site.
  • Support – CCTV monitoring should be hassle free – this can only happen if both integrators and end users are provided quick, knowledgeable support.


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