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Why Choose Hikvision AcuSense & ColourVu? - Easy IP 4.0.

Hikvision Easy IP 4.0

Hikvision has always been a step ahead of its competitors when it comes to combining the latest technological edge with modern fundamentals of user dynamics. In 2019, Hikvision released The Easy IP 4.0 range which includes ColourvU and AcuSense.

Hikvision AcuSense features the unmatched target classification by employing deep learning algorithms. The technology scans and identifies any moving objects and generates notifications and alarms on your favourite device for you.

What do you get with the Hikvision AcuSense?

Choosing Hikvision AcuSense gives the following benefits,

Target Classification: The biggest hurdle for good surveillance is the classification of the detected object. AcuSense employs the latest development in the methods of computer learning to improve the identification methods and classify the detections between a person, a vehicle or any other object.


False Alarm Reduction: The system is designed to be extremely efficient in identifying any intrusion that occurred in the defined perimeter, but it doesn’t end at that. AcuSense is so sophisticated with its use of it’s False Alarm Reduction, that it will not let the system be triggered by unnecessary clutter like stray animals or pets, passing by vehicles, raindrops, etc. This drastically reduces the frustration of false detections.


White Light & Audio Alarm:  If a possible hostile intrusion attempt is detected, AcuSense will generate notifications to your designated devices and simultaneously, the system starts the perimeter alert by switching on the high-intensity white light and audio alarms which deter the intruder from entering the property in the first place.

What do you get with Hikvision ColourVu?

While conventional cameras can give you a nice mix of high resolution and all the basic features of IR detection, Night Vision capability etc. Hikvision’s ColourVu bags a whole bunch more than any conventional 4 MP Camera.

Aperture: The larger aperture of the ColourVu camera powered by the Dark-Fighter technology makes the images brighter than conventional cameras. With the help of an F1.0 aperture, ColourVu takes more light from it's surroundings, resulting in a clearer image that is true to colour for quick and accurate identification of targets. 


Advanced Sensors: ColourVu features an advanced 4 Megapixel, 1/1.8” Sensor which is designed specifically for the use of intelligent and automated systems. The high-resolution camera makes the highest utilisation of light to bring you the best picture quality for your peace of mind.


Warm Light: The camera itself is installed with a warm light instead of an intense white light, which gives it a nice and homely feeling when you are working with households. The warm light is there to give a soothing effect to your eyes, making your home brighter while at the same time optimising security.

The Hikvision Easy IP 4.0 range makes your security a lot easier, simpler and amazingly accurate by the effective use of advanced technology. Applying False Alarm Reduction methods brings your false trigger rate down by 75%, while the white light and audio alarms integrated with the network give you the safety before the intrusion even happens.

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